After hours emergency dentist at Dentists & Doctors

Dentists & Doctors in Geelong provide the community with emergency dental advice and care over the phone and at our clinic based in town. Our emergency dentists in Geelong are available seven days a week and accept all new and existing patients for dental emergencies.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency often is pain which is unexpected and acute and is localised to the head and mouth region.

If you are experiencing

We have an emergency dental clinic Geelong and advise you to contact us immediately on 03 5221 9129 to arrange an urgent dental appointment.

What To Do If You Are In Dental Pain Outside Of Opening Hours?

Geelong 24/7 Dental Emergency Hotline – 0488 811 456 (SMS Only)

An afterhours dental emergency can be a traumatic experience, we advise that you contact our afterhours dentist on our 24/7 Geelong Dental Emergency Hotline for any afterhours dental care and weekend dental emergencies.

SMS your name, date of birth and your dental emergency to 0488 811 456 and one of our oncall dental clinicians will get back to you shortly.

We will triage your dental emergency and provide you with specific care instructions and arrange your emergency appointment with our afterhours dentists appropriately.

To assist our team, please SMS your full name & dental problem to 0488 811 456.

If you have a broken jaw, facial swelling (extending to your eyes or throat), laceration to your lip, togue or face we advise you visit the closest hospital for urgent medical attention.

We recommend not to consume any alcohol or elicit drugs to relieve dental pain

How can I prevent a dental emergency?

Depending on the nature of the dental emergency the following simple precautions can help prevent injuries to your teeth, gums, and mouth.

  • 1. When playing any contact sport or high impact recreational activities it is essential you wear a custom-made mouthguard that is designed and fitted by your dentist.
  • 2. Try not to use your teeth to open objects such as a sealed glass bottle or pack of chips. Avoid chewing on hard objects such as ice, nuts, or your pen!
  • 3. Visit your dentist for regular dental checks – at these periodic appointments your dentist will identify, treat and monitor any problem/at risk areas, whilst prioritising any urgent issues.

About us

Geelong Dental Emergency Service was set up by Dr Asef Anwar and his team at Dentists & Doctors who wanted to provide  additional care and support to the local Geelong community during the COVID19 pandemic.

You can avail our services in nearby areas like  BelmontGrovedaleHighton,   LeopoldManifold HeightsNewtownPoint Lonsdale   and   Waurn Ponds.

To reduce the extra burden of dental emergencies on our local hospitals and Emergency Rooms, existing and new patients to Dentists & Doctors can contact our

24/7 Dental Emergency Hotline (via SMS only)- 0488 811 456.

A dedicated professional will be available to provide assistance and arrange your emergency dental appointment.

To assist our team, please SMS your full name & dental problem.

*The information on this page is general in nature and we advise you speak to a dental professional about your specific problem for appropriate treatment.


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