5 tips for a cavity free Easter! Who said you can't have your chocolate and have healthy teeth too?

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18:00 PM

With Easter just round the corner, here are 5 simple tips from the team at Dentists & Doctors on how to protect your teeth whilst enjoying your chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies this year.


1. Stick to chocolate sweets.

If you are thinking of adding lollies to the Easter goodie bag this year, think again.

Lollies and other types of candies such as jellybeans, red skins or sour balls are sticky, chewy and hard!

Whilst they might taste great, hard candy or sticky lollies can easily break an existing filling or chip your tooth.

So, limit your sweets to chocolate which also contain dairy and are easier on your teeth.


2. Avoid snacking all day.

Eating chocolates and lollies all day long is not only bad for your teeth but your waistline too!

After indulging in your prizes won from your easter egg hunt, wait 1 hour to eat again.

It takes approximately 60 minutes for the saliva in your mouth to neutralise the acids that are formed by bacteria in your mouth after eating.

The more frequently you snack and graze, the longer your teeth will be exposed to acids -> which weaken and soften your teeth eventually creating holes or cavity.

Eating fibrous and crunchy foods such as an apple or carrot helps clear away the sticky debris left on your teeth by all the sweets whilst also freshening your breath.


3. Drink water and rinse!

In addition to eating crunching foods after chocolate, drinking or rinsing your mouth with water will help protect your teeth by neutralising the acids formed in your mouth.

Avoid brushing your teeth after eating sweets or following soft drinks, citrus drinks or white wine – your tooth enamel is softer when it has been exposed to acids.

Waiting one hour and drinking water will help your enamel harden.

If you experience a dry mouth and it is not due to a medical condition, try sipping on a water bottle all day for several days, and you may find that your mouth is no longer dry.

Sugar free chewing gum is another great way to protect your teeth by stimulating saliva and washing away the acids.

So, try and limit the fizzy drinks during the Easter festivities and stick to H20 (water)!


4. Practice good oral hygiene

Yes, we have all heard it before - you should brush twice a day!

But did you know you should be using only a soft bristled brush and cleaning your teeth and gums gently – not scrubbing!

Include flossing to your nightly routine before you brush your teeth – this allows the fluoride in your toothpaste to access the hard-to-reach surfaces between your teeth which your toothbrush misses.

You should be spending 2 to 3 minutes every morning and night gently brushing your teeth, as well as flossing once daily prior to your nightly toothbrushing.

Always go to bed with clean teeth to avoid exposing your teeth to acids all night long!


5. Visit your Dentist regularly.

After the Easter bunny has come and gone and all that remains are foil wrappers from all the Easter eggs you have had – it is now time for you to arrange for yourself and the family to be seen for your 6 monthly check up and clean appointment.


The team at Dentists & Doctors are equipped with the latest in Dentistry, ensuring you and your family are always in safe and experienced hands. We have all the latest and specialised tools to keep your teeth healthy, clean and strong.

By using these 5 simple tips and making them a part of your daily routine, you can have beautiful, healthy teeth and enjoy the chocolate treats of Easter and every other sweet-filled holiday too.


Call us today on 03 5221 9129 to book your post Easter check- up and clean and enjoy a sweet and guilt free Easter from the team at Dentists & Doctors.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Easter!