Invisalign Treatment as an Adult - What is it Like?

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15:00 PM

When you hear the word orthodontics, you probably think of teenagers and metal braces. However, with advances over the years, orthodontics and teeth straightening is not only for young patients nor does it have to involve metal brackets. Invisalign is a proven and popular alternative to the traditional metal brackets and wire braces which uses clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth.

At Dentists & Doctors Geelong, we often see adult professionals in our clinic asking about Invisalign. As a child, they didn’t have the opportunity to straighten their teeth for whatever reason, and they are now looking to take their first step towards a straighter smile.

So, what is having Invisalign treatment as an adult like? Here are a few of the many reasons’ adults are choosing Invisalign:

1. Discrete and almost invisible

If the idea of having metal braces makes you feel self-conscious, Invasign’s clear aligners are discreet and almost invisible so you can straighten your smile with minimal impact to your day.

2. Removable

You’ll love the fact that Invisalign aligners are removable! Meaning you can remove them when eating and drinking. This means there are no food restrictions and you can continue eating your favourite food with no disruptions.

3. Comfortable

Invisalign treats are custom made for your teeth so they fit over your teeth comfortably with no irritation.

Are You Looking to Straighten Your Smile?

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