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Did You Know That Tooth Decay Is The Most Common Childhood Disease In Australia?

Your child’s first visit to a kid’s dentist in Geelong is important as it establishes the foundation of your child’s experience and their future oral health habits.  Good oral health is essential for general health and wellbeing and early childhood is the time when most lifetime habits are established. It offers the greatest opportunity for prevention of tooth decay and can contribute to better oral health and general health all the way into adulthood. At Dentists & Doctors Geelong we pride ourselves on kid’s dental prevention and education so you can get your child’s oral health on the right path from an early age.

What Happens At Your Childs First Dental Visit At Dentists & Doctors?

At Dentists & Doctors we ensure children’s dentistry visits are a fun and comfortable experience. So, what can you expect at your first visit?

  •  We introduce ourselves and the dental setting to your child
  •  A detailed medical history and dental examination is conducted
  •  We answer any questions or concerns you might have
  •  Provide you with the best strategies to maintain your childs oral health
  •  Discuss your childs treatment plan and any treatment required

We recommend that your child have their first visit to a kid’s dentist by the age of two, however getting your child comfortable and familiar with the dental setting from the age of one is great.   Not only does it help acquaint your child to the  dental environment  but allows us to monitor the eruption of your child’s first teeth!

If you have noticed anything new or odd in your child’s mouth contact the team at Dentists & Doctors today on (03) 5221 9129.

What Should You Look For At Home When It Comes To Children’s Dentistry?

If you take your child to your early childhood nurse, you would be familiar with the dental checks completed by your early childhood nurse. We recommend that as soon as your child’s upper teeth have erupted, to lift the lip and check their oral health, paying particular attention to the area where the tooth and the gum meet.

If you notice any chalky white patches it’s likely to be the first signs of tooth decay, also known as early childhood caries. Do not panic, you can implement preventive strategies and treatments are available to prevent further progression. If you have noticed anything new and odd in your child’s mouth contact Dentists & Doctors for expert kid’s dentists in Geelong today on (03) 5221 9129.

What Children’s Dental Services Do We Provide At Dentists & Doctors?

At Dentists & Doctors we are a one stop shop for all your families dental and cosmetic needs. We know the importance of providing you with the best treatment options, effective delivery in a comfortable environment and with familiar faces. We are a family centred practice that respects the needs of you and your loved ones.

We are able to provide you and your family with a comprehensive range of children’s dental services including but not limited to:

  •  Dental examinations
  •  Cleans
  •  Fissure sealants
  •  Fluoride treatments
  •  Mouthguards
  •  Restorations (fillings)
  •  Pulpotomy
  •  Stainless steel crowns
  •  Space maintainers

Dentists & Doctors in Geelong proudly provide dental services for your child under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

What Is The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS)?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is an Australian Federal Government program which covers the cost for general dental services (including examinations, X rays, cleaning, extractions and fillings) up to $1000 over two consecutive calendar years.

To check if your child is eligible contact Dentists & Doctors on (03) 5221 9129 and we can check your eligibility and balance.

How Do I Implement Toothbrushing At Home?

Your child may initially resist toothbrushing at home, particularly as they grow older and develop their own personality and behaviours. It is therefore very important we encourage and introduce the following strategies to assist your implementation of good home care oral hygiene habits at home.

  1. Introduce a children’s toothbrush from the age of one
  2. Make toothbrushing a fun family activity, brush your teeth together with your child and let them practice toothbrushing on you
  3. Use a children’s fluoride toothpaste – there’s plenty of different flavours to choose from!
  4. Establish a home care oral hygiene routine, where toothbrushing happens after a particular activity
  5. Play or sing a song whilst you assist and supervise your child’s toothbrushing

Arrange A Dental Appointment For Your Children Today

At Dentists & Doctors we love seeing children and families and understand we can all get a bit anxious. That’s why we take the time to sit down and have chat and explain the whole appointment process from start to finish to you and your loved ones, ensuring you have the opportunity to ask questions and breaks along the way.

Contact us today on (03) 5221 9129 or visit our dental clinic to meet our highly experienced staff and team and learn more about how you can help improve your family’s oral health!
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What our customer's say...

G Lutz
G Lutz
Travelled from Sydney to have my wisdom teeth removed by the one and only Dr. Asef Anwar. Well worth it! I was a bit nervous but he communicated every step of the way and made sure I wasn’t in any pain. Turns out I had nothing to be worried about! Can’t thank you enough Asef 🙏🏽
Lauren Fowkes
Lauren Fowkes
I saw Dr Asef for wisdom teeth removal and it was a very pleasant experience. He walked me through every step of the procedure and ensured I felt safe and comfortable throughout. As an anxious patient this was very reassuring and I would 100% recommend this practise to everyone 😊
Tanay Sudhakar
Tanay Sudhakar
Had an implant completed today and it was a pleasant and fast experience. I needed more than usual anaesthetic and they were efficient and friendly.
Trish K
Trish K
Very impressed with the team,and very professional. They always mentioned the step by step produce reguarding my teeth, before they started. The facility and equipment is up to date and i highly recommend them.You wont be disappointed.
Mosharrof Hosen
Mosharrof Hosen
Dr Asif is the best. Best dental service in Geelong. Very friendly and professional. Keep it up. 🙂
Nicky Stott
Nicky Stott
I was referred to Dentists and Doctors after a bad experience else where. From the start i expressed to the staff my fear of dentists, and everyone has been exceptional and compassionate. While my fear will likely always be present, my trust that i am being looked after here has been definitely helping the process. Definitely recommend to visit these amazing people
Robin Thomas
Robin Thomas
Was very nervous to go to dentist but needn’t of worried, from reception to dentists to assistants everyone is marvellous, treat you like a queen. Walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. I will be going back for a check up and for preventative treatments. Can’t recommend them enough. Special thanks to Clare and Paris . 👍
Bradley Hart
Bradley Hart
Kind, non judgmental. So very understanding and amazing during the procedure. Had a filling. Pretty tough spot, explained things exceptionally well. Fast when it counted during the filling and very patient with me needs. For the people that are afraid of going to the dentist, for whatever reason. Or haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and are anxious about the dentist. Visit here. I had DR Claire. She was amazing. I was super anxious to visit and I’ve been putting it off for years. But now I can feel at ease, knowing I can go to a dentist’s without judgement and that I’ll be in good hands. 5/5. Hands down. Do yourself a favour and go here

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