Digital Dentistry in Geelong

The future of Dentistry is going digital! With technology rapidly advancing, use of digital technology in Dentistry have led to dental treatments being provided with more accuracy and precision. You can be rest assured, the team at Dentists & Doctors offer the most advanced techniques when it comes to servicing all your dental needs. Whether it be a full smile makeover to a general check-up, our clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment available to ensure you receive premium quality of care.

For patients needing dental implants or wisdom teeth surgeries, our state of the art CBCT (3D X ray) machine ensures we can plan your treatment with extreme precision, accuracy and care. You will not have to be referred out to external medical radiology centres for expensive imaging. Everything is done in house to ensure our patients receive treatment with ease and minimal stress.

We really are at the forefront of Digital Dentistry in Geelong. We have the most advanced digital scanner in the world at Dentists & Doctors and are the first to have such technology in Geelong! Primescan allows our skilled clinicians to offer same day porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers. No more multiple visits to receive a crown, with this advancement we can now provide solutions to that heavily broken-down tooth immediately.

Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can digitally change and enhance your smile.


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