Orthodontics at Dentists & Doctors in Geelong

Orthodontics is a very specialised field of dentistry, in which the dentist uses their skills to align crooked teeth, correct improper jaw relationships, and allow for your or your child to have correct facial/skeletal development. At Dentists & Doctors we offer teeth straightening services to children, teenagers and adult patients. With the use of all latest techniques in dentistry we can accurately plan and receive full orthodontics treatment across Geelong in shorter durations and at more comfort to our patients. For the best treatment for dental braces in Geelong, book an appointment today.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics means “straight teeth”, the treatment is more commonly known as braces. Orthodontic treatment can improve the appearance, function and health of your teeth, mouth and jaw. The most common reason for orthodontic treatment is crooked teeth.

What are the benefits of Orthodontic treatment?

Depending on the type of orthodontic treatment option you pursue you can expect the benefits of  enhanced aesthetics,  improved bite and prevention of further damage to surrounding teeth and gums.

In summary

1. Ease in cleaning teeth
crowded and crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, particularly when teeth overlap. A major risk factor for tooth decay and gum disease is inadequate cleaning. With straight and aligned teeth, patients find it easier to floss and brush.

2. Enhanced appearance
Many of us are conscious of how we look, and how are teeth or smile may look to others. Orthodontic treatment can help you achieve an attractive smile that can play an important role in enhancing self-confidence.

3. Improved speech issues
Some of us may have difficulty speaking properly due to the alignment of our teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment can resolve these issues and help improve your overall quality of life

4. Gum damage
If you or someone you know is experiencing a incorrect bite, also known as malocclusion, it is likely that your bite may be causing damage to your gums. For example, a deep bite of your lower front teeth can injure the soft tissue of your upper front teeth.

What to expect at your Orthodontic consultation appointment

A thorough examination including x rays, photos and 3D scans will be taken by your dentist so that an accurate analysis and record is taken for the diagnosis and treatment planning of your teeth and jaw. 

At Dentists & Doctors we are pleased to offer Gap free orthodontics consultation appointments for Geelong patients.

Following your initial examination at Dentists & Doctors, you will be provided information on what your treatment options are, how soon you should start treatment, duration of your treatment and a quote.

What do I need to remember whilst undergoing Orthodontic treatment?

Whether you are completing fixed orthodontics  (traditional braces), plates or clear aligners (Invisalign), it is essential that you

1. Maintain good oral hygiene
It is important that whilst completing your orthodontic treatment you maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. This means maintaining twice daily toothbrushing, daily flossing, use of mouthwash and fluoridated toothpaste.

Wearing braces and retainers can make it difficult to clean your teeth and provides an extra surface for the bacteria and food to collect, thus it is important to maintain regular oral home care practices and speak to your dentist if you aren’t sure how to clean your teeth with fixed braces or retainers.

2. Attend regular dental checks
Visiting your dentist every 6 months for a routine dental check, clean and fluoride treatment is important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It ensures any teeth which are at risk of tooth decay are regularly monitored, X rays may also be taken at your routine dental checks.

3. Modify your diet
While completing orthodontic treatment it is important to modify any poor existing dietary habits. You will need to avoid eating sticky foods such as toffees and hard sticky candy, as well as limiting your intake of carbonated drinks such as Coke which are high in sugar and acidic.

A poor diet will increase your risk of tooth decay, more so whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic brackets and wires on your teeth are a magnet for sugar, acid and bacteria.

If you undergoing clear aligner therapy this does not mean you are in the clear, you will also need to maintain a healthy diet as well as good oral hygiene practices.

Your dentist will provide you with more information on appropriate diet and oral hygiene habits.

4. Follow directions given by your dental practitioner
If you are completing your orthodontic treatment with clear aligner therapy (such as Invisalign or Smilestyler) in geelong, it is important aligners are worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day to achieve effective movement of teeth and ensuring treatment is completed in the time frame discussed.

Clear aligners and retainers are not to be worn during mealtimes or whilst drinking fluids other than water.

If you are wearing fixed braces it is important you attend your regular orthodontic visits to ensure correct and timely movement of teeth. After completion of any orthodontic treatment you will be provided with either a clear retainer or fixed orthodontic wire to prevent future movement of teeth. If your retainers are not worn according to instructions given to you by your dentist your teeth may move out of alignment.

Having correct jaw and teeth relationship is critical to having a healthy mouth that lasts the test of time.  Our orthodontics team in geelong welcome patients from Geelong and surrounding areas such as Highton, Torquay and Waurn Ponds, and are highly trained with not only traditional braces but also other myofacial treatments which if commenced early on can lead to the avoidance of requiring braces.

The Services the team at Dentists & Doctors Offer

Our team of dental professionals are happy to discuss a range of teeth straightening and alignment treatments so you can make the best decision for your circumstances. Whether it is for your child or yourself we can walk you through each process so you are well informed and confident in your choice.

Services include:

You can learn more about the services we offer by contacting our team on (03) 5221 9129 or emailing info@dentistsndoctors.com.au.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, the clinicians at Dentists & Doctors will be happy to discuss all risks associated with any procedure prior to your treatment.



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