Missing a tooth? We can fix it

If you need a single tooth replaced, Dentists & Doctors can help. We offer high-tech and modern dental implants that are strong, natural-looking, and functional. We’re conveniently located in Geelong, and can have you in and out quickly and safely.

The single dental implant procedure

A single dental implant is, at its simplest, a replacement for the tooth you’ve lost. As you might expect, replacing a tooth takes a great deal of time and care, and there are several steps to the process.

First, a titanium screw is attached to your jawbone. The titanium screw – also known as a metal grade post – acts as the replacement for the root of your tooth. Not only does the screw assist the structural integrity of your gums, it makes sure that foundational support is there when your new tooth is inserted.

If your jawbone is not strong enough to support the titanium screw, you may require bone grafting. These options can all be discussed during your initial consultation, which involves the latest in 3D scanning technology and an assessment of your medical history.

After the titanium screw is attached, your gums will need around two weeks to heal. A healing cap is applied to the implant to aid this process. Once your gums have healed, an abutment made of titanium, porcelain or gold is attached to the implant. An abutment is essentially something that joins two things at a border: in this case, your implant and the crown.

As with the surgery for titanium screws, the surgery for your abutment requires healing time for your gums, during which a temporary crown is attached. Finally, once healing has taken place, your dentist attaches the crown, typically made of a combination of porcelain and metal. This new tooth looks like all your other teeth, and you can treat it as such when brushing or flossing.

If you’re worried about the surgery, our dentists can provide sedation or general anaesthetic to help you get through. The whole process, from initial consultation to the insertion of the crown, For our more anxious patients, Dentists & Doctors offer dental implant surgery under sedation or general anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable and confident throughout the procedure. The whole process, from initial consultation to the insertion of the dental implant crown, varies between 3 to 12 months, depending on your unique medical conditions and the operation you require.

Dentists & Doctors is here to help

At Dentists & Doctors we offer a comprehensive range of dental implant procedures, including single and multiple dental implants, implant supported denture and All on 4 dental implant surgery.  As one of the most trusted dental clinics in Geelong, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality service at affordable prices. We are a locally owned and operated clinic, and our dentists will treat you with the care, attention-to-detail and respect that you deserve. Book an appointment today, and we’ll have you smiling again in no time!

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