Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation)

If you are not very fond of receiving any dental treatment, or if you have had any previous traumatic experience which makes it difficult for you to seek dental care, then do not worry!

We offer Sleep Dentistry services which involves having an on-site trained sedationist who use certain medications to induce our patients into a sleep/trance-like state allowing you to feel at ease and comfort when undergoing treatment.

Our specially trained Sedationist goes through a thorough medical check prior to any treatment. They will then administer the medication in gradual increments throughout the duration of treatment.

Some frequently asked questions are below:

Is Sedation Dentistry safe?

Before any sedative medication is administered, you will have a consultation with our Principal Dentist and also a specialized sedationist to review your medical history. Although everything is conducted within very safe parameters, you are closely monitored throughout.

Can I drive home after being sedated?

No, unfortunately due to the medications that are used during the procedure you are unable to drive afterwards. You will need to arrange for transport prior to commencing. After the procedure it may take up to 24 hours for the medication to fully wear off. It is recommended that you not operate any heavy machinery during this time.

What does feeling sedated feel like? 

At the end of the treatment, you’ll likely have little memory of sitting in the dentist chair. When sedated, you will feel limp, relaxed, and lethargic.


Inhalation Sedation 


Penthrox inhalation sedation, also know as the “green whistle” is ideal for patients who feel slightly anxious whilst undergoing dental treatment. It is a safe and easy method of providing immediate relief from pain and anxiety – you may have seen it being used on the TV show Bondi Rescue.  

Penthrox sedation is easy and convenient, as the patient all you need to do is take a breath from the whistle when you are starting to feel anxious and need more relief. You will be awake and aware of your surroundings whilst using Penthrox but in a relaxed and calm state whilst in the dental chair. There is minimal down time and after treatment is completed you can drive home and go about your daily activities.


*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, the clinicians at Dentists & Doctors will be happy to discuss all risks associated with any procedure prior to your treatment.