Smile Makeover

We live in the age of Digital Dentistry and now with digital technology we are able to achieve the desired results accurately and perfectly every time. Here at Dentists & Doctors, we use Digital Smile Design to construct a complete smile make over that is tailored specifically to you!

Many of our clients ask for cosmetic dentistry options because they are not happy with the appearance of their smile. However cosmetic dentistry options not only improve the appearance of your teeth and smile but also have functional benefits too – the Improved ability to bite, chew and speak!

When discussing options to improve a client’s smile, Dentists & Doctors in Geelong provide a comprehensive and holistic approach – we call this a Smile Makeover.

At your Smile Makeover appointment, we are able to show you how your new smile would look like without touching your tooth with a drill!

Using Digital Smile Design, we provide our clients the latest techniques in digital dentistry tools, software and photography to precisely plan and communicate YOUR specific treatment goals. This allows us to achieve the most perfect smile, specific to you – using minimally invasive and conservative dentistry techniques. Your face proportions, ratios and symmetry are all analysed and examined before we present you with your treatment options.

So, what can you expect when you visit the team Dentists & Doctors for your smile makeover?

Step 1 – Consultation

During your first visit at Dentists & Doctors you will meet with one of our experienced cosmetic dental surgeons who will listen to and discuss your dental concerns, problem areas and smile goals. We will then take photos and a digital 3D scan of your current smile to evaluate what you would like to enhance or change as well as our professional recommendations.

We will discuss all your treatment options to suit your goals and provide you with a quote, as well as an approximate finish date.

At Dentists & Doctors we provide all our clients a non-obligatory consultation, let us know if we are the right fit for you!

This initial consultation appointment is covered by your health insurance.

Step 2 – Smile transformation

Once we have decided on a treatment plan which suits your smile goals, we start the design process. Selecting the right colours, materials, shapes, and dimensions for your smile!

With our 3D digital scanning system, it doesn’t matter if you change your mind – we have the flexibility to modify your same day dental crowns, bridges and veneers.

A smile make-over can be completed in as little as 1 appointment! Our dental team will ensure you are happy every step of the way.

We ensure your dental treatment is as comfortable as possible, with the option of green whistle, Nitrous oxide (Happy gas) or treatment under General Anaesthetic sedation for our more anxious patients.

Step 3 – Designer Smile

After we have finished your smile makeover we will take some after photos of your new personalised smile transformation which you can now show off your to all your family and friends. 

This part is also reserved for any last minute touch ups – we ensure you leave the practice with confidence and a gorgeous new smile!

Dentists & Doctors are excited to offer this world-class patient experience to the community of Geelong and its surrounding regions. With our experienced team of clinicians who are skilled in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry and medicine in Geelong, we explore all your options and work with you to create the smile you have always desired with long lasting results.

Enquire with our team today to learn more about our smile makeovers or the use of Digital Smile Design at Dentists & Doctors.


*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, the clinicians at Dentists & Doctors will be happy to discuss all risks associated with any procedure prior to your treatment.



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