Teeth Whitening

A noticeable and simple enhancement to your smile might be as easy as a quick teeth whitening procedure. Studies have shown that one of the first things a person notices on someone else is their smile/teeth. Having your teeth whitened can be the difference between having that bright spark you’ve always wanted in your smile!

There are 2 main methods of whitening away the dull colour of your teeth. First method is the professional in-chair whitening. This is where our Dentist administers the whitening agent in the chair. The Dentist uses a more concentrated whitening agent to get you a more instant and immediate result. The entire process takes about 45-60 minutes.

The 2nd option involves a take home whitening kit. This is where you do the whitening procedure yourself, you wear trays that fit onto your teeth for durations of 20-30 minutes for consecutive days until the desired shade is achieved.

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