Wisdom Teeth Surgery

If you have wisdom teeth that are coming through and causing pain, or if its positioned awkwardly in the mouth which makes it very difficult for you to clean, causing swelling and infection, then you may require removal of your wisdom teeth.

If your wisdom teeth do not erupt completely straight, it is considered to be impacted within the jaw. This can cause movement of other teeth, push into the root of the adjacent molar contributing to further deterioration. If you have any concerns regarding the way your wisdom teeth have developed, then ask to book in for a complimentary consultation with our Principal Dentist.

At Dentists & Doctors our priority is to ensure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during any treatment. We have the latest CBCT (3D X ray) machine which allows us to safely and accurately plan the removal of wisdom teeth. This ensures patient receive the safest and highest care of treatment. 

We offer additional sedation services which allows you to ‘sleep’ throughout the procedure. To further discuss what is involved and how this may work for you, please call our friendly staff to book in an appointment.