Wisdom Teeth Surgery and Removal in Geelong and Beyond

If you have painful wisdom teeth that are coming through or are positioned awkwardly in the mouth making it difficult for you to clean, this may cause swelling and infection, and you therefore may require a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

If your wisdom teeth do not erupt completely straight, it is considered to be impacted within the jaw. This can cause movement of other teeth, and push into the root of the adjacent molar contributing to further deterioration. If you are in Geelong, Highton, Torquay, Waurn Ponds or beyond and have any concerns regarding the way your wisdom teeth have developed, then book a complimentary consultation with our principal dentist to discuss potential wisdom teeth removal and solutions.

Why you should choose us for your wisdom teeth solutions

At Dentists & Doctors our priority is to ensure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during any treatment. We have the latest CBCT (3D X ray) machine which allows us to safely and accurately plan the removal of wisdom teeth. This ensures each patient receives the safest and highest care of treatment. 

We offer additional sedation services which allows you to ‘sleep’ throughout the procedure. To further discuss what is involved and how this may work for you, please call our friendly staff to book an appointment.

Make an appointment to discuss your wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth are troubling you or your child, Dentists & Doctors can help form a treatment plan that may include wisdom teeth removal. Our patient-focused approach means we pay close attention to not only your teeth or medical solution but also your personal comfort.

To speak with one our dentists or doctors about your dental or medical issue, make an appointment by calling (03) 5221 9129 or emailing info@dentistsndoctors.com.au, or even visit our clinic in person.